lemon ricotta pancakes for a sunny sunday!

okay okay lisa, duely noted! i know everything is narrative – but thats the beauty of it! i write like i talk! anyways, i was just too excited to have “someone” to type to that i went a bit story-crazy. its like having someone to gchat with when no one is online!  however, ill get right into it on this one.  since i tried those ricotta fritters yeterday i had 3/4 of a container of ricotta. but what to do with it!? i don’t know if anyone has ever thought “oh ill use that this week” and then 3 weeks later had 3/4 of a container of MOLD to throw out. in an effort to NOT let this happen, and also in anticipation of spring (and the convenient location of a bag of lemons on my container), i went with:

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes:

I should note here, that i also made my own lemon curd – the same recipe i’ve been making for years: from cooking light, and other than the calories from sugar, totally guilt-free (unlike my pizza from papa johns i just finished; side note to papa johns: if you continue to give me 50% off discounts every time the Washington Wizards score over 100 points, i will continue to order from you!)!  the only lessons learned from this recipe is: when the recipe involves eggs cooking over the stove, and it says stir constantly, it means DONT WALK AWAY EVEN FOR A SECOND! becauase then the whole eggs in your lemon curd will cook, leaving you with chunks of egg white in your curd. yum? right. no. thats what strainers are for. thank goodness. but still, ew!

On to the pancakes: i followed this recipe to the T! except that i used freshly grated nutmeg from a fancy nutmeg grinder (okay okay its from McCormick and they sell it in the spice isle with whole nutmeg already loaded…sue me!) and estimated the amount. all in all, i might have used a bit less than was called for.  other important notes: i used fat free milk (lactose free as is my custom), and WHOLE milk ricotta from weggies. really, i would’ve used the part skim kind if it were in my fridge but since it wasn’t (see reference below to 3/4 used containers of ricotta), i just went with what i had.

the result: EXTREMELY moist pancakes. i almost didn’t think they were done, and had a devil of atime trying to flip them over! though the sides browned, they were so hard to flip that when i tried, they got all funky looking and fell apart a bit in the pan. good thing it was just for me!  the taste….was….not worth the fat and calories. sure i still ate 2, but if they were as good as i thought they’d be, i would have eaten 6. no joke! i’m a binge-pancake-eater!  the first one with jelly…the second with syrup…the second with only butter…oh, wait, what was i doing?  so right, the texture was almost custardy on the inside – pretty unique! but i wasn’t crazy about the nutmeg. i think it would have been better with ONLY lemon and ricotta. add strawberries. and whipped cream. theeeere we go! thats what i want next time.

Lessons Learned: 

1. nutmeg isn’t that good in baked goods unless cinnamon is also involved. i guess i didn’t know that…i’ve put it in beschamels (oh come on, you know, that white sauce that is the base of yummy mac and cheeses?) before, and i’ve heard its good with dark green veggies. unfortunately, these pancakes, and other baked goods, do NOT fall into those categories! its possible ill try a lemon/mint or lemon/basil if i’m feeling REALLY crazy. but not until my herbs are planted for the season!

2. ricotta isn’t worth the fat! i couldn’t even taste the ricotta in there. its a textural additive only. and really, next time i’m going fat free. in fact, i have a fabulous recipe for stuffed shells with fat free COTTAGE cheese. i’ve tried with both cottage cheese, and with ricotta cheese. the cottage cheese is better!  and healthy! and cheeeesy….

3. lemon curd can make sub-standard pancakes FABULOUS

4. if a recipe calls for berries on top, it probably needs it. mistake on my part for not getting some strawbs or making a fruity sauce.